La Scène – Partners

Renovation partners

Contracting authority: CNCS
Assistant to the contracting authority: Isabelle Crosnier / Charlotte Vauchelle
Architectural programming: Isabelle Crosnier / PARICA / FL&CO
Scientific and cultural project: CNCS
Exhibition design, visitor experience, content: CNCS in association with the Comédie-Française

Technical inspection: QUALICONSULT
Health & Safety: SCOP DEBOST
Building regulations and fire safety: AACCESS Bâtiment

Maîtrise d’œuvre :
Bureau d’étude technique : BETEM Centre (mandataire)
Architecte et scénographe : ATELIERS ADELINE RISPAL
Architecte du patrimoine : Christian LAPORTE
Scénographe de théâtre : Mathieu LORRY-DUPUY
Scénographe d’équipement : Kanju
Ingénierie multimédia : INNOVISION
Design graphique et signalétique : AMB / FORMABOOM
Conception lumière des façades : LES ECLAIREURS
Acoustique : Jean-Paul LAMOUREUX
Images 3D : Romain HAMON


The French State, Europe, the Region and local council support the CNCS

For this project, which began in 2010, the CNCS expresses its sincere gratitude to all those involved in bringing it to fruition, in particular Thierry Le Roy, State Counselor, chair of the board (2009-2018), Martine Kahane, director of the CNCS (2006-2011), as well as the museum’s team and partners. 

The extension project received €7.4 million incl. taxes. More than twenty local companies from the Allier area and the region contributed their expertise to the project. The project received funding from the French State (Ministry for culture, FNADT), the Auvergne-Rhône- Alpes regional council as well as European FEDER funds. The town of Moulins contributed to the project. Without this support, this ambitious project would never have been possible. The Ministry for culture through the DRAC Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes is the main source of funding for the running of the museum and its investment operations in the existing buildings on the site.

The town of Moulins, the Allier council and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes regional council also
finance the operational budget. These partners are associates of the “Public institution for
cultural cooperation” for the CNCS which manages the museum. On the board, the French
State is represented by the prefect of Allier, and the Ministry for culture by the general
directorate for heritage and the general directorate for artistic creation as well as the DRAC

Patron support

The Foundation of Crédit Agricole Centre France funds the museum’s cultural content up to €60,000. A further funding request of €100,000 is currently under review. The Foundation is a major stakeholder in supporting regional projects in the following sectors: culture, health and old-age, heritage. The Foundation and Crédit Agricole are long standing partners of the CNCS.

Support also comes from the Fondation du Patrimoine through the CGPA’s patronage to the
sum of €70,000. CGPA is a health insurance company who works with the Fondation du
Patrimoine to finance projects that preserve and promote heritage with
high added value for the local area.

GROUPAMA Rhône-Alpes-Auvergne has also been supporting the CNCS since 2017 through its engagement strategy of patronage for general interest projects and specifically the protection, enriching and promotion of heritage.

Le Cercle des Amis du CNCS, a group of nearly 200 members, is very active in supporting the museum including helping to fund costume acquisitions and restorations. 

Europe supports this innovative project

The CNCS is part of the Territoire Bourbon Pays de Moulins-Auvergne, a group of 111 communes around Moulins, which is the prefecture of the department. It is an area of natural beauty crossed by two rivers, the Allier and the Loire, and carries a remarkable architectural heritage left by the Bourbon Dukes. As a consequence, the area has inherited a significant architectural heritage. The Territoire is therefore part of the LEADER initiative which finances innovative development projects in rural areas.
A grant of €250,000 was approved for the CNCS to fund the promotion of the opening of these new spaces, for the development of culture and tourism. This grant has served a number of purposes including a new version of the museum’s website as well as an English version, communication and press relations, prospecting new visitors using CRM tools, digital and print communication, partnerships and networking for stakeholders in tourism, culture and events.


Project funded by

Cover photo: © Joël Bonnard - ATELIERS ADELINE RISPAL, architecture & scenography