The documentation center

The CNCS’ documentation center is placed at the disposal of researchers, academics, historians, students, costumes designers and art critics.

They can go there to consult the records that provide information about the collections kept by our museum in addition to encyclopedic collections relating to the general history of performing arts, (dance, opera, theatre) to costumes and more specifically stage costumes (history, technique, trades, preservation).

The documentation center enables you to consult:

  • the archive collection of Christian Lacroix (honorary president of the CNCS)
  • 2000 photographs of the Nureyev Collection
  • iconographic documents including photographs of all of the pieces kept at the CNCS
  • 1500  publications on the subject of performing arts, essentially in English, German, Italian, Spanish and Japanese
  • 5000 graphic art documents, including the drawings of renowned costume designers
  • associated press articles (performing arts, culture, music, museology, textile)
  • performance programs (National Opera of Paris)
  • press books (artists, institutions, pieces)
  • video documents (recordings of performances and documentaries)

A calm, spacious, well-equipped room is available for use by students and professionals for their scientific research. Access to the documentation center is free of charge. Documents may only be consulted on site: documents are not available on loan.

Consultation upon appointment only.


Petra Vlad
Responsible for documentary studies
04 70 20 76 20

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