The Extension Project

The Extension Project of the National Center of Stage Costume: Studies and Blueprints for the Upcoming Renovation

“Quartier Villars” is a former cavalry headquarters that was named after Marshal Claude de Villars, who served under Louis XIV. It is characteristic of  the late XVIIIth century military architecture since  it used to encompass three structures: a main building flanked by two others and at the foot of which a vast courtyard was designed for military trainings and parades. Its construction began in 1767. After the First World War (1914-1918), the cavalry battalions were considered obsolete. The maintenance of their headquarters declined. Once they left, “Quartier Villars” became home to the National Gendarmerie until 1981. In 1984, the main building was put under the umbrella of the Historical Monument Society. It was then restored  to shelter the National Center of Stage Costume which opened in 2006.

The CNCS extension project concerns the so-called “Military Delegation Building”. It is located at the south end of  “Quartier Villars” and measures some 900 m² (60m long/ 15m wide).

Now is the time to rehabilitate and convert this space. This initiative is taking place in conjunction with the urban project of the City of Moulins. It echoes the inherent objectives of the CNCS for it will indeed allow the opening of its Interpretation Center of Stage Sets, help increase its collections of stage costumes and develop its public relation programmes. 

The restoration of this building will answer the following needs :

  • The creation of a new genre of public exhibitions focusing on stage sets
  • The expansion of the current stage costume reserves
  • The reorganization and rationalization of the use of the CNCS overall space 

The corner stone of the project is the foundation of new and original public space, the Interpretation Center of Stage Sets. It will be physically bridged to the main building and will therefore be part of the general visit. The biggest part of the building will be used for the storage and preservation of our ever-growing collections of stage costumes. The workshops where their restoration and treatment will be undertaken will be connected to the ground floor of the main building. 

The CNCS extension project was submitted to the CPER (Contrat de Plan État-Région) for an amount of 3 684 000 Euros, 120 000 Euros of which were used to finance its study and scheduling. 

The study and scheduling of the CNCS extension programmes are co-financed by the FEDER (Fonds Européen de Développement Régional) of the European Union and the FNADT (Fonds National d’Aménagement Du Territoire) of the French State.


The renovation of the former “Military Delegation Building” is financed by the FEDER (Fonds Européen de Développement Régional) of the European Union.



The renovation of this building is also co-financed by the FNADT (Fonds National d’Aménagement du Territoire) of the French State and the Région of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.