Disabled visitors

The CNCS favors access to the museum for people with disabilities via a variety of measures adapted to each handicap, enabling ease of access and movement and sensorial or cognitive discovery of the museum. Specific equipment has been put in place for people that are visually impaired, experience hearing difficulties, have limited mobility or mental handicaps. Notably entrance to the exhibitions is free of charge for the disabled.

Physical disability

A lift adapted for use by wheelchairs (available at the entrance to the museum upon request) provides access to the first floor where the temporary exhibition is housed and the second floor where the pedagogical rooms are located. Wheel chair ramps provide access to the different exhibition rooms and the museum is equipped for toilets adapted for use by physically disabled people.

Visually impaired

The lift is equipped with buttons in Braille facilitating access to the two floors reserved for the temporary exhibition and the pedagogical workshops.
A pedagogical case can be provided upon request. It is made up of drawings in relief, scale replicas of stage costumes and a book of different materials to touch. Leaflets in Braille presenting the CNCS and its collections are also available for consultation.

Exhibition guides are also available in Braille, with large letters or in black and white. In addition an adapted audio guide with ultra-contrast touch pads can also be provided.

Your contact

We are at your disposal to discuss the conditions required to ensure a successful visit, alone or as a group and to provide an answer to your specific requirements. Before coming to visit, please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.

Carole Combaret, responsible for mediation
Tél : 04 70 20 69 70

Free entrance and priority access

The entrance to the museum is free of charge for the disabled and the accompanying person upon presentation of proof of disability.
Priority access without queuing is provided to the reception and entrance ticket controls for the disabled and their accompanying visitors.

A Wheel chair is available for use (reservation required).

Practical information

Information for disabled visitors :

Carole Combaret, responsible for mediation
Tél : 04 70 20 69 70

General information

Reception : 04 70 20 76 20