Colloquiums / Research projects

Since opening in 2006, the CNCS has developed its study and research mission on different themes relating to live performing arts and stage costumes.

Conferences, colloquiums and study days at an international scale attracting researchers, academics and curators on an original theme relating to the subject of the temporary exhibition and/or research in the fields of performing arts, textile, the history of art…


  • An encounter with Shakespeare at the National Center for Stage Costumes. A two day colloquium to enable stage professionals (directors, scenographers, costume designers), curators and researchers in performing arts to meet around the exhibition «Shakespeare, the stuff of the world. » Scientific conferences, presentation of artists and round table conferences to chart the challenges of scenography and costumes in stage productions of Shakespeare and contemporary playwrights.
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  • Museum colloquium – Stage creation, Civilization Museum (Québec)
    On October 9th and 10th, 2014, as part of the Twenty-Seventh Jacques-Cartier meetings, the Civilization Museum organized the colloquium «Museums, creation, performing arts», attracting national and international participants. This international colloquium mainly focused on the question of the link between memory, heritage and performing arts in a museal context, and this, from both a theoretical and practical point of view.

The programme

  • International Colloquium, Stage costume, subject of research, National Center for Stage Costume (Moulins)
    The CNCS has organized a first colloquium on the theme "Stage costumes, subject of research", uniting the main specialists of costumes throughout the centuries, as well as a very large audience. This colloquium enabled participants to look at the constitution of costume as a subject of research and its link with the anthropology of clothing.

The programme

  • SIBMAS TLA (Theatre Library Association), 2014 in New York
    Worldwide presentation of the National Center for Stage Costume and the Nureyev Collection.

The programme

  • International Colloquium, Socio-poetic of textile, National Center for Stage Costume (Moulins)
    Highlight the way in which writers of the 19th century dealt with the theme of textile in their work. This was the objective of this colloquium open to the general public in September 2014 at the CNCS.
    Socio-poetic of textile.
    This international colloquium was organized at the CNCS by Alain Montandon from the University Blaise-Pascal, a professor of comparative literature at the faculty of Clermont.

The programme

Study days

  • Composite materials in performing art collections, Friday 9th November 2007 at the CNCS. In continuity of the aixois project on the Opera evoked during the round table meeting, 8th June 2008 in Aix-en-Provence, Martine Kahane, then director of the CNCS invited the participants to meet at the CNCS in Moulins for a day of reflection on the theme: Preventive conservation and the treatment of composite materials in performing art collections.
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  • Study days on the theme of Rudolf Nureyev for the students of the Choreomundus Master’s Degree. Friday 21st March, 2014, the students of the Choremundus Master’s degree: international diploma in the anthropology of dance were welcomed by Delphine Pinasa, director and curator of the CNCS, for an intervention on the heritagization of dance costumes and for a visit of the Nureyev collection. They then spent the afternoon with the dancer Céline Talon from the National Opera of Paris who spoke of her experience with the choreographer and dancer Rudolf Nureyev when he was dance director of the Opera.
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  • Study days of the textile networks of the Rhône-Alpes and Auvergne Regions.
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  • Study days: Fur and feathers: when the animal becomes cloth, ethnological and historical approaches. By organizing these study days, the AFET wanted to make its members aware of the fundamental role played by feathers but also fur in the history of costume and more globally for textiles.
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  • Study days: Why do circus costumes shine so much? This day was organized by the Performing Arts Department of the National French Library as part of the exhibition « Into the ring! » at the CNCS. It enabled an exploration into the esthetical and technical evolutions of circus costumes, from sequins to jeans, from the costumes of the clowns Footit and Chocolate to the research of contemporary artists. The active participation of researchers, artists and collection curators enabled the cross-referencing of perspectives.
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Conference by Delphine Pinasa, Director of the CNCS and heritage curator on the theme "Stage Costume, subject of the museum"
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European Curator seminar, Textile networks and territorial anchoring. From December 6th to December 11th, 2011 in several French cultural institutions including the National Center for Stage Costume.
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