The circle of friends and patrons

The friends of the CNCS that are members of the public and art lovers meet together for friendly events, contributing to the standing of the museum in France and abroad.

Opened at Moulins, in the Allier in 2006, the National Centre for Stage Costume is a museum that is not only unique in France but also in the world. A showcase for artistic creation and the excellence of opera and theatre know-how, the CNCS preserves, studies and valorises during thematic exhibitions the most prestigious collections of stage costumes. This heritage is fragile and requires delicate treatment. A reflection of infinite creativity, the museum is a vibrant place welcoming visitors from all horizons, of all ages, offering workshops and short or long training courses to future professionals. Educative and social actions are facilitated by the enchantment that the site and its collection provoke. Each year, donations from the members of the Circle of Friends and Patrons of the National Centre for Stage Costumes contribute to the achievement of new projects. Join our supporters by becoming a member of the Circle of Friends and Patrons and profit from numerous advantages!

Support the CNCS

  • Be at the heart of a unique cultural project
  • Provide your support for the acquisition and restoration of costumes
  • Support educative and pedagogical actions ​​
  • Accompany development projects


Benefit from numerous advantages

  • Attend previews of the two annual exhibitions
  • Participate in private visits
  • Free access to exhibitions, films, conferences
  • Receive privileged information
  • Benefit from discounted prices (catalogues, restaurant…)
  • Profit from privileged offers provided by our cultural partners

Join the Circle of Friends and Patrons of the CNCS

Your subscription must be made to the association, either by email:, or by letter and must be accompanied by your membership fee if required. (Cheques should be made payable to the ‘agent comptable’ of the CNCS)
To become a member, download and complete the membership form.

In the same way, your cancellations must be made directly to the association and are admissible up to 4 working days before the event.
For more information or to enable you to speak to friends and family about it, you can  download the leaflet presenting the Circle of Friends and Patrons of the CNCS.